2018 Winter Poker Open

$570/$300K: Under Three Tables in the Opening Flight

$570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$300,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 12: 1,500/2,500 with a 2,500 ante
Flight A Players Remaining: 24 of 101

Marie Harrell, Brandon Byars, AJ Kelsall and Rafael Reis all found the felt at various points throughout Flight A. There are currently 24 players remaining including Tom Nguyen and Herbert Woodbery. With the end of day point approaching, play is tightening up a bit, but we expect another table to hit the rail before action concludes.

$570/$300K: Roberto Sanchez Silva Leading Late

$570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$300,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 11: 1,000/2,000 with a 2,000 ante
Flight A Players Remaining: 28 of 101

Roberto Sanchez Silva

The field is dwindling and chips are moving across the tables late in Flight A of the Winter Poker Open $570.  One of the biggest beneficiaries of the field’s exodus is Robert Sanchez Silva.

Silva is the biggest of the big stacks claiming over 200,000. There is still a way’s to go with more than three full levels left in the day, but Silva is in good position to bag the top holdings.

$570/$300K: Flight A Final at 101 Entries

$570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$300,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 10: 600/1,200 with a 1,200 ante
Flight A Players Remaining: 43 of 101

Cards are back in the air, registration is closed and the attendance figure is final. The first of six starting flights in the $570 buy-in, $300,000 guaranteed Winter Poker Open kickoff event drew 101 entries. That’s good for more than $50,000 toward the target and sets the event in position for a strong showing with five starting flights still to come.

BTonight, 6pmTBD
CTomorrow, 11amTBD
DTomorrow, 5pmTBD
ESaturday, 10amTBD
FSaturday, 3pmTBD
Day 2Sunday, 12pmTBD

Those still in the action today are set to play through Level 14 before action wraps and the bag for Sunday’s Day 2.

$570/$300K: Al Krux Rolling Over the Field

$570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$300,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 8: 500/1,000 with a 1,000 ante
Flight A Entries: 97

Al Krux

Al Krux started hot and stayed that way here in the $570 buy-in, $300,000 guaranteed Winter Poker Open event. He’s come out on the winning side of play thus far and claims about 150,000 chips.

Krux is an accomplished player with a World Series of Poker gold bracelet as well as a final table appearance in the $10,000 buy-in Main Event and more than $1,470,000 in career earnings. He’s made a few deep runs in Tampa, but never scored anything over $8,900. With six starting flights, a $570 buy-in and $300,000 guaranteed, a win in this Winter Poker Opener would easily mark Krux’s largest Tampa score.


$570/$300K: Bob Gallo in Search of Another Title

$570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$300,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 7: 400/800 with a 800 ante
Flight A Entries: 91

Bob Gallo

Bob Gallo has experience maneuvering through tough, multi-flight, multi-day, big fields. Back in June of 2017, he conquered 513 entries in the WPTDeepStacks Tampa $350 for a score better than $29,000. Gallo, a recreational player, has been in search of a follow-up title ever since.

He’s in the field here in Flight A of the property’s other yearly major, the Winter Poker Open. Well above starting stack, it’s a good start for Gallo as Level 7 is about to expire.

$570/$300K: AJ Kelsall Back in Tampa

$570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$300,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 6: 300/600 with a 600 ante
Flight A Entries: 88

AJ Kelsall

AJ Kelsall is a Tampa native now spending a good lot of his time in Las Vegas. The Winter Poker Open came calling, though, and Kelsall hopped a flight back to his hometown. He’s one of the most recent entries in a growing field that now sits at 88 midway through Level 6.

Kelsall’s first recorded cash came in 2001 and he’s amassed more than $1,280,000 in earnings since then. Most notably, he took a win in the 2014 Winter Poker Open Main Event scoring nearly $125,000.

$570/$300K: Nearly Triple for Herbert Woodbery

$570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$300,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 5: 200/400 with a 400 ante
Flight A Entries: 84

Herbert Woodbery

After beginning the event with 30,000 chips, Tampa regular Herbert Woodbery is pushing 90,000 with the first break right around the corner.

Woodbery has a laundry list of Seminole poker accomplishments including a victory in the 2016 Seminole Immokalee Poker Challenge Main Event. With $298,983 in reported earnings, Woodbery is a reasonably deep run away from crossing into the $300,000s.

Herbert Woodbery – 80,000

$570/$300K: Up, Up and Up

$570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$300,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 3: 100/200 with a 200 ante
Flight A Entries: 74

As expected in a Seminole Hard Rock Tampa event, the entry count has shot up at a quick clip early. After beginning with 31 just 90 minutes ago, the field has more than doubled as the clock now shows 74 late in Level 3.

Tony March, Marie Harrell, Anthony Dianaty, Tom Nguyen and Brandon Byars are some of the familiar faces in the early action. We’ll take a closer look at the standouts as the early stages of play fade into the middle stages.

$570/$300K: Shuffle Up and Deal

$570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry
$300,000 Guaranteed
| Structure
Level 1: 100/100
Flight A Entries: 31

The clock hits 11am in South Florida and cards are in the air for Flight A of the Winter Poker Open kickoff event. The $570 buy-in, $300,000 guaranteed no limit hold’em tournament sees players begin with 30,000 chips and they’re set to log 30-minute levels on Day 1. Registration and re-entry are available until about 4pm while play wraps at roughly 6:45pm.

Here are the details:

11am: $570 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry, Flight A

  • $570 buy-in and $300,000 guaranteed
  • First place receives added $1,650 seat
  • 30,000 chips and 30-minute levels on Day 1
  • Registration and unlimited re-entry available until the start of Level 10 (~4pm)
  • Play concludes following Level 14 (~6:45pm)
  • Day 2 begins Sunday, December 9 at noon
  • Structure sheet

Periodic updates from the event will be available throughout the day.

Good luck, players!