Event 1B: Bullets Flying

$490 + $45 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 1: Blinds 50/100

Eddie Torres & Julio NovoTorros & Novo

On back-to-back hands we see Eddie Torros (Bartow) and Julio Novo (Tampa) raise preflop with no callers and both turn over pocket Aces.

“They’re going around the table,” says one player, as the two are side-by-side.

While they only pick up the blinds, Torros and Novo will certainly take that over having their bullets cracked.

Event 1B: Déjà Vu Again

$490 + $45 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

The third flight of the opening event of the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Winter Tampa Bay is underway.

Players start with 15k in chips and levels last 30 minutes each. Re-entry and late registration is open for the first two hours and closes after the first break of the day (~1:15  pm).

This is a two-day event with Day 2 on 12 pm Sunday.

Today’s Events, Saturday December 7

TODAY’S EVENTS in the Poker Room

11AM:  Event 1B:  $490 + $45 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
 $150,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

  • Players start with 15,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels will last 30 minutes each
  • Registration is open for the first two (2) hours
  • Players that bust within the first two (2) hours may Re-Enter the tournament as a new player
  • Winner of this event also receives $1,650 entry into WPT Hard Rock Tampa Bay Winter Poker Open Championship (Dec 13-15)

Event Structure: event01

7PM:  Event 2 PLO:  $175 + $25 + $20 Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
$10,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

  • Players start with 10,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels will last 30 minutes each
  • Registration is open for the first two (2) hours
  • Players that bust within the first two (2) hours may Re-Enter the tournament as a new player
  • Winner of this event also receives $1,650 entry into WPT Hard Rock Tampa Bay Winter Poker Open Championship (Dec 13-15)

Event 1A: End of Night Chip Counts

Level 14: Clock Stopped with 15 min remaining

Alan KorpiAlan Korpi, Flight 1A Chip Leader

Alan Korpi (Lutz) and John Dobson (Tolland, CT) get the last two knockouts of the night to stop play with 14 players remaining (~15% of 88 entries).

Korpi is the chip leader of the second flight with 149,800, as three players finish between 145k and 150k.

The final 14 return 12 pm Sunday for Day 2. They’ll be joined by the 18 remaining players from Friday’s early session, along with those that survive the third and final flight which is 11 am Saturday.

Flight 1A Chip Counts

Alan Korpi 149,800
Alex Ivan 147,400
Jeff Coutroulis 145,000
Manelic Minaya 116,400
Robert Seay 113,800
Wally Maddah 105,300
Alan Fink 84,900
Matthew Perrin 81,300
Herbert Woodbery 74,300
John Dobson 66,900
Luqman Alghanim 65,500
Mike Imperiale 62,000
Debra Dorcy 52,000
Mike Wakefield 47,000

Event 1A: One Hour Break

On Break; Play Resumes 2:52 am

The structure sheet calls it a dinner break, but these players are taking a late night snack break. When the 18 remaining players return, the plan is to play until the field is down to 14 or the end of Level 14 whichever comes first.

Matt Perrin (Chesterfield, MI) is the chip leader with 131k (66 bb) and the average stack is 73k (37 bb).

Event 1A: Rackin’ & Rollin’

Level 12: Blinds 800/1,600/200

Herbert Woodbery & Wally MaddahWoodbery & Maddah Moving to a New Table

Eliminations are fast and furious with one player saying, “even a blind squirrel finds a nut,” when his short stack gets a knockout with A5 against his opponent’s A6 after flopping a straight.

20 players remain, including Poker Room regulars Herbert Woodbery (Orlando) and Wally Maddah (Tampa), which means the field is getting dangerously close to 15% remaining (13 players) of the 88 entries. It looks like play may have to stop before the scheduled 14 levels.

Event 1A: Blinds Krushing Karlin, Coutroulis Doubles

Level 11: Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante

Jeff CoutroulisJeff Coutroulis

After reporting that USF Professor Marv Karlins was one of the chip leaders, he gets crushed on back-to-back hands from the big and small blinds.

First he sends a double-up to Andrey Ivlev (Tampa via Russia), who has KK against Karlins flopped OE straight draw. On the next hand, Karlins moves all in on a board of Q-J-T-5-9.

Jeff “Flicker” Coutroulis (Tampa) calls and knowing he can’t beat the nuts of AK says,”I don’t have an ace,” and turns over KQ for a King-high straight.

Karlins shows AT for just a pair of Tens and sends 23k across the table on the final bet.

The two hands takes Karlins from 90k to less than 30k, while Coutroulis and Ivlev both have new life.

Coutroulis has more than $200,000 in career tournament earnings including a 5th place finish in June’s Summer Tampa Bay / WPT Regional Series for $18,000. Ivlev has one recorded tournament cash from a 2011 event in Kiev, Ukraine.

Event 1A: 1/3 of a Tank

Level 10:  500/1,000/100 ante

Matt PerrinPerrin Representing the Motor City

The field of 88 entries for the 7 pm flight is down to 27 players, roughly 1/3 of what started.

Matt Perrin (Chesterfield, MI) is one of the big stacks at 90k, close to double the average stack of 49k (49 bb) as the level winds down.

Event 1A: Read ‘Em and Reap

Level 9: Blinds 400/800/100 ante

Marv KarlinsKarlins with an Easy Post Flop Read

On one of the first hands back from break Anthony Brammer (Tampa) is all in on a Jack-high flop and Marv Karlins (Tampa, FL) snap calls.

Karlins: AJ (pair of Jacks)
Brammer: 88

Karlins ends up winning the hand with trip Jacks, knocking out Karlins in the process. And as it turns out, it’s USF on USF crime.

Brammer, the University of Southern Florida Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, is eliminated by a Professor of Management at USF.

“I’ve been there 40 years and teaching for 50,” says the 72-year-old who takes his stack to 80k.

In addition to teaching, Karlins is known in these parts as one of the authors of Read ‘Em and Reap, a book on poker tells.  “We shot some of it right over there,” says Karlins who points across the Poker Room.

Karlins, along with poker super star Phil Hellmuth (record 13 WSOP bracelets) and ex-FBI agent Joe Navarro, wrote about non-verbal cues and decoding poker tells. But he’s not willing to admit he has any advantage over his opponents.

“One mistake with these guys and I’m done,” he laughs while pointing to two players who also have above average chip stacks.

It would have been interesting to see what kind of read Karlins would have had if Brammer moved all in preflop.

A coin flip, for 1/3 of his stack, with a chance to knockout a university colleague.  Wonder what chapter that’s covered in?