Tadlock Tops Greg C

Greg C bets 10,000 on the turn and is called by Mike Tadlock with the board reading Qs6s4d2c. The river is the 6h and both players checked.

Greg C shows K-K-7-5 with spades and Tadlock had him beat with A-A-7-5 with better spades.

Greg C slips to 45,000 while Tadlock climbs to 36,000.

Adam Santos Eliminated in 8th Place

Adam Santos raises to 3,000 and is called by Pete W. The flop comes Qc8s5s and Santos got the last of his money in the middle after a “pot” and “re-pot.”

Santos tables 7d7c6c6d and is up against Pete W’s AsKsJh8h. The turn is the Qh and the river is the 3h and Pete W scoops the pot with two pair.

Santos is eliminated while Pete W chips up to 104,000.

Phil Wasserman Triples Up


All of a sudden there was lots of raising going on with a flop of 7d5s4s. Phil Wasserman (pictured), Greg C, and Pete W get all in with Wasserman the short stack.

Wasserman shows AsQsJh9s, good for a flush draw and a gutshot and is up against Greg C’s 9c8d6s3h, good for the nut straight and draw for a better straight. Pete W shows the same straight and two pair with his 8h7h6c4d.

The turn is the 9h and the river is the Js, which gives Wasserman his flush and the main pot while Pete W and Greg C chop up the side pot.

Wasserman catapults his stack to 95,000 while Greg C is down to 27,000 and Pete W slides to 40,000.

Anonymous Player Doubles Through Greg C


On a flop of Tc6c2s, Greg C bets 3,000 and is called by the anonymous player (pictured). The turn is the 5s and Greg C bets 10,000. Anonymous calls and leaves himself with 4,400.

The river is the 8h and Greg C puts him all in. Anonymous snap-calls and shows Jd9c7c4h, good for a rivered nut straight. Greg C tables K-T-3-4 with king high clubs in disgust.

The anonymous player doubles up to 38,000 in chips.

John Imhoff Eliminated in 9th Place


There is a three-way all in preflop between a player who wants to remain anonymous, John Imhoff (pictured), and Adam Santos.

Imhoff showed AcAhJh2d, Santos tabled AdQs7s3d, and the anonymous player shows QcJcJs9h.

The flop is 9c3c2c, giving the anonymous player a flush. The turn is the 8s and the river is the 7d. Santos took the side pot with two pair, the anonymous player takes the main pot with a flush and John Imhoff’s aces finished in third place and he was eliminated.

The anonymous player triples up to 17,500 and Santos sits with 48,000.