Event 9: Final Table

$175 + $25 + $20 NLH Seniors (Re-Entry)

Blinds 2K/4K Ante 500

Once the bubble burst it didn’t take long to get to the final table.  Charles Lebowitz (Tampa, FL) was our 13th place finisher when his A-8 lost to Howard Rodetsky’s K-J that hit trip Jacks on the flop. Lebowitz won $475 for his finish. Next, John Pappas would take out two players on a A-2-x flop with his flopped set of deuces against Joseph Williams (Plant City, FL) and Yvonne Isaac (Wesley Chapel, FL) who both had big Aces. Williams finished in 12th place for $500 and Isaac in 11th place for $525. Roger Meehan would be eliminated right after the final ten merged to one table when he moved all in with Q-4 on a T-7-4 flop and would be called by Duane Podgorski who had A-T. Our final nine is as follows:

1Duane PodgorskiLakeland, FL
2Martin WelchOntario
3Rocky CovielloPolk County, FL
4John PappasTampa, FL
5David LovelessTampa, FL
6Howard RodetskyLargo, FL
7Ryan UmipegBrandon, FL
8Frank ShumochTampa, FL
9Joe MichaelsonSun City Center, FL



Event 9: Hand For Hand

$175 + $25 + $20 NLH Seniors (Re-Entry)

Blinds 1.5K/3K Ante 500

We’ve been hand for hand for nearly half an hour as there are 14 players left. Two players just got it all in on an A-K-Q flop. The bigger stack had A-K for flopped top two but he was crushed by the A-A of his opponent for top set. At another table, A-K enabled the shortest stack remaining in the field to triple up. The average stack is 93K (31 big blinds).

Event 9: That’s Dirty

$175 + $25 + $20 NLH Seniors (Re-Entry)

Blinds 800/1.6K Ante 200

A short stacked player moved all in for his last 7.2K on a Q-3-3 flop. He was called and proudly turned over pocket Aces. His opponent shrugged and said “I need runner runner something” and turned over A-4. We already know how this story ends… turn 5… river 2. Floor person walks by and laughs while saying “that’s dirty”.

With that elimination we are down to two tables, 20 players. Close to the money now and the average stack is 65K (41 big blinds). The players were scheduled to take a 40 minute dinner break but have decided instead to make it a shorter 15 minute break.

Event 9: Is This A Bounty Tournament?

$175 + $25 + $20 NLH Seniors (Re-Entry)

Blinds 600/1.2K Ante 200

By the time all the betting was done, we had four players with all the chips in the middle and John Pappas was in bad shape with his A-J as the other three players had A-K, A-Q, and K-T. Pappas did have the benefit of having the largest stack of the four and asked the dealer to add to that stack by calling for a Jack. It looked like the player with A-K was going to take down the large pot but the Jack on the river would give Pappas the pot and the triple knock out. The only thing that would have been better for John was if it was a bounty tournament.

There are 30 players left with an average chip stack of 44K (37 big blinds).

Event 9: Rockin ‘n’ Rollin

$175 + $25 + $20 NLH Seniors (Re-Entry)

Blinds 400/800 Ante 100

Maybe all it takes to get Aces is the right kind of jacket. Jerry, is wearing a very appropriate for the Seminole Hard Rock jacket as it has the words “Rock n Roll” emblazoned on the sleeve – it looks like it might even be a jacket won here at the casino. The woman to his immediate right had opened the action and he moved all in. She folded, showing her A-T and he showed his Aces. “How do you get those,” a player at the table asked. It’s the jacket sir. It’s the jacket.

Jerry and the "Jacket"
Jerry and the “Jacket”

Ace King is on a severe losing streak in the tournament as no fewer than three Big Slick’s have been eliminated over the past 15 minutes. One player thought for sure A-K was good on the K-9-7-K board. Not so much though when your opponent has pocket 9’s. Two other Ace King’s lost races.

Nothing better than seeing someone in the Seniors Event win a pot and tell the table to “Ship It”. Apparently there is no age limit on over used poker phrases. There is also apparently no age limit at rudeness. Sitting at a table for the first time, a player tells him “welcome to the table.” The response was anything but cordial… “f*** you”. The floor was called and a penalty would have been issued if the grumpy old man didn’t go busto on the hand. Karma?

Marsha Wolak, WSOP bracelet winner, has been eliminated. There are 45 players left and the players are on a 15 minute break.

Event 9: It’s Raining All In Buttons

$175 + $25 + $20 NLH Seniors (Re-Entry)

Blinds 200/400 Ante 50

At one of the tables in the Seniors Event, there were three all in buttons sitting in front of players with action still pending on the original raiser who had opened for 1.2K. Deciding not to test his luck against three people that were willing to sacrifice their tournament life, he folded. All in player #1 had AsKh. All in player #2 had AhQh. This was good news for the shortest stack of the three, the woman in seat 6 who had stated “I hope you all have big cards” before the hands were revealed. She had pocket 8’s and the medium pair would hold up when the board ran out Jc4h2d5cJs. “Yaaayyyyy!!!” said our winner as she did a small dance in her seat to celebrate her triple up.

At another table, there was a raise from the gentleman in the 2 seat. He was re-raised by a woman in the 8 seat who had him covered. He four bet and she made the call. The flop came Q-J-4 and the 2 seat instantly moved all in. He was instantly called and the woman turned over pocket Queens for flopped top set. Seat 2 tossed his cards in disgust towards the center of the table before realizing he still had hope, even if it was slim. He grabbed the cards and turned over pocket Kings. No miracle would arrive though and he could only mutter under his breath “nice hand” before walking away.

There are 76 players remaining. Still a lot of poker to be played tonight.