Event 6: 3rd Place – Michael Tadlock

$300 Omaha H/L 8B (Re-Entry)

Level 20:  Limits 10k/20k

Michael Tadlock
Michael Tadlock

Bryan Scofield (button) raised and Michael Tadlock (sb) thought about it, the re-raised all-in for 26k.  Mauro (bb) and Bryan both called.

They checked the flop of JhJd6d and continued to check when the 7h came on the turn.  When the 6h hit the river, Mauro bet and Bryan folded.

Mauro showed K J 8 5 for trip Jacks.  Michael had Q Q T 7 and could only make two pair.

Michael Tadlock (Bushnell, FL)  busted in 3rd place earning $1,752.