Event 1: Lots Of Action On Table 14

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

End of Level 17 : Blinds  3k/6k/500 ante

Players are on their first break of Day 2 and the first two hours of this event have seen a flurry of action.

Before the break:

Robert RosettaOn a flop of 5 3 3 , Robert Rosetta (above, Tampa, FL) bet 35k, Antoinette Fiorenza (Oviedo, FL) shoved, followed by the player in seat 5, who did the same.

Robert called all-in for ~90k showing pocket Queens.  He was beat by seat 5’s pocket 5s, who had flopped a full house.  Antoinette was trailing with pocket 6s.

Then the turn brought a 2-outer Queen for Robert, giving him a bigger full house.  When an 8 hit the river, Robert busted Antoinette and left seat 5 short.  Robert chipped up to ~335k.


Benjamin LomsakOn the next hand, seat 5 was all-in against Benjamin Lomsak (above, Valrico, FL) and the player in seat 3:

Seat 3: Qs9s

Seat 5: Ah6d

Benjamin: AdQc

Board: 8h8c2cJc3d

The board missed everyone and Benjamin busted both opponents with Ace-Queen-high.  He chipped up to nearly 500k.